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Please note that all transactions on this website are secure.  This is indicated by the yellow lock shown in the address bar.
Steps to ACTIVATE your account online:

1.    If you receive a utility bill from the City of Owasso, make sure you have your bill with you when activating. 

Activate your account by clicking the link as shown on the SAMPLE SCREEN below.


2.    Select Utility Bill in the drop-down box as shown below. 


3.    Fill in the required information EXACTLY as it appears on your paper bill. 


4.    On the 'My Personal Information' screen you will be asked for details to create your username, password and security information.  You can also use this screen to edit your account login information and reset your password.  Please note:  your Email address and Secret Answer are both case-sensitive.

5.    You are ready to login!
Steps to ACCESS your account online:
1.    Provide your Username and Password and click the Log In button, as illustrated below.
2.    Next, you will see your Account Summary.  Click your ACCOUNT #, as displayed below, to access your Account Detail.
3.    Account Detail is the following screen where you can click your Service Address to view a map to your location, Service Number to view your consumption history, History to view your activity throughout the life of the account and Make a Payment.
Steps to MAKE A PAYMENT on your account online:
1.    Follow the instructions in the Steps to ACCESS your account online and then click Make a Payment, a seen in number 3 above.  You can leave the default amount or edit the Amount to Pay field and then click Proceed.
2.    Input your credit card billing information. The information may not necessarily be the same as your utility billing information; it is specific to your credit card.  Click Continue.
3.    Provide your Credit Card Type, Number, Expiration Date, and Card Code.  The Card Code is the three digit number shown on the back of your credit or bank card.  Please note: a bank card is acceptable so long as it contains either a Visa or MasterCard logo.  Click Continue. IMPORTANT: CLICK ONCE ONLY. IF PAYMENT RECEIPT WINDOW DOES NOT APPEAR, CALL UTILITY BILLING THE FOLLOWING WORK DAY BETWEEN 8AM AND 5PM AT 918-376-1520. CLICKING CONTINUE MORE THAN ONCE COULD RESULT IN MULTIPLE CHARGES TO YOUR CARD.
4.    Payment Receipt will display on your screen if the transaction authorization succeeded.  Be sure to either print the screen or write down your Reference Number.  Click Continue. 
5.    Your new Account Detail screen will show that a pending payment is in process and a remaining balance based on the amount you paid.  At this point, you may view your account or consumption history or simply logoff. 
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